University of Pavia

Department of Biochemistry and Department of Experimental Medicine, Histology and Embryology,
Faculty of Medicine,
University of Pavia,

The University of Pavia is among the most famous Italian Universities. It was founded in the XIV century and the Faculty of Medicine rose in the same period. Its research and teaching programmes are acknowledged at the national and international level. More than 1100 people are involved in research and teaching activities and approximately 25000 students (including undergraduate student and students attending masters and PhD programmes) attend the different courses. Partner 3 is based at the Department of Biochemistry and the Department of Experimental Medicine within the Faculty of Medicine of the University. In these Departments several research groups have a long standing interest at the international and national level in the study of the biology and pathology of extracellular matrices.

The Departments are inserted in the Centre of Excellence in Applied Biology of the University aimed at strengthening existing research in Life Sciences in the University by fostering further interactions between the scientists involved, providing access to new and essential equipment and facilities and setting the basis for the long-term growth of applied biology in Pavia through an international PhD program. The equipment and apparatus necessary to realize the project are available in both Departments and include: chromatography equipment, complete equipment for high resolution 2D electrophoresis, imaging system for 2D gel scan and software for 2D gel analysis, Real Time PCR for expression studies, light and fluorescence microscopes, laser scan confocal microscope and transmission electron microscope, an image analysis software for quantitative morphological analysis. In addition a mass spectrometry facility is available at the Biotechnology Laboratories of the IRCCS Policlinico S. Matteo Foundation.