University of Newcastle

Institute of Human Genetics,
International Centre for Life,
Central Parkway,
NE1 3BZ,

Partner 4 is based in the Institute of Human Genetics, a flagship Research Institute within the prestigious Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University. In the 2001 peer-reviewed National Research Assessment Exercise the Institute of Human Genetics was graded  5**, the highest grade possible. There are 27 group leaders and over 200 staff in the Institute.  Thanks to a major series of investments by the Joint Infrastructure Fund (Wellcome Trust/Office of Science and Technology), the Science Research Investment Fund (HEFCE), and the Regional Development Agency, One North East, the labs are very well-equipped for molecular and cell biology research. There are transgenic, imaging, microarray, Taqman realtime PCR, laser microdissection, FACs sorting, and other state-of-the-art equipment/facilities within the Institute and core support personnel such as bioinformaticians.

  • Excellent microscopy and imaging (confocal microscopy, optical projection tomography, laser microdissection microscopy, automated slide scanning etc);
  • A microarray facility (Affymetrix plus non-Affymetrix systems) and Taqman ‘real-time’ PCR.
  • Automated DNA sequencing/genotyping unit (Sequenom MassArray mass spectroscopy-based genotyping plus Amersham MegaBace, ABI377 sequencers, supported by robotic liquid handling and robotic sample preparation);
  • Advanced cell culture suites;
  • Bioinformatics suite (32 pentium node Linux cluster, Unix cluster, in-house servers) and bioinformaticians;
  • Fluorescence activated cell sorting analyzer; sophisticated mouse genetics unit with dedicated microinjection microscopes etc.

In addition, partner 4 has close links with the Musculoskeletal Research Group in the Medical Faculty, Newcastle University giving access to additional expertise and equipment.