Institute of Biomedical Research

Institute of Biomedical Research,
Spanish National Research Council,

The CSIC is the largest public research body in Spain. It plays an active role in the science policy of all the autonomous regions through its centres across Spain. As a multidisciplinary body the CSIC covers all fields of knowledge from basic research through to advanced technological development. It comprises a total of 116 centres and 134 units associated to Universities managing a budget of €700.8 M. The CSIC comprises 2369 staff scientists and 3896 graduates and postgraduates together with 4084 support personnel. The CSIC is responsible for the 20% of Spain´s international scientific publications and 50% of the publications by the Spanish public sector, it contributes to 36% of the European patents field by the public sector and it is responsible of the 24.6% of Spanish public sector patents (3% of Spain’s total). Partner 5 is based at the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas (IIB) in Madrid, one of the largest Institutes belonging to the Consejo superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC). IIB has also links with the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) and offers a unique environment to carry out Biomedical Research. The IIB is well equipped and provides a great number of core facilities including all those required for this project. Among its facilities are Radioisotope installations, Animal cells culture, Animalarium, Confocal and CCD Microscopy, DNA sequencing, Electron microscopy, Flow Cytometry, Non-invasive Neurofunctional evaluation and Magnetic Resonance imaging for mice phenotyping.