Certus Technology Associates Limited

Hems Mews,
86 Longbrook Street,
EX4 6AP,

Certus Technology Associates, founded in 2000, has a growing reputation for being at the forefront of innovation in software product lining using agile, model driven development methods. It has expertise in databases, data integration, open source systems, model driven development, and Enterprise level Java technologies. It has developed a number of collaborative systems in the field of medical and scientific information systems, and has specific development experience in phenotype/genotype databases, mutation detection and collaborative environments. Its European Commission funded projects include Research and Diagnostics Case Management Systems for the European Skeletal Dysplasia Network (5th Framework) and for the Euroglycanet (6th Framework). Certus produces EQA Scheme Management systems for quality networks including the European Molecular Quality Network and the UK-NEQAS Molecular Genetics Network, and for Cytogentics EQA Scheme Management in the UK (UKNEQAS in Clinical Cytogenetics) and in Europe (CEQA) within Eurogentest. Certus has designed and built UK National databases for genetic testing for the UK Genetics Testing Network and has built a mutations database for the UK National Genetics Testing Laboratory. Other relevant work includes the development of mutation detection systems, a survey data collection system for Muscular Dystrophy research and databases for the management of Plasmid stocks used in medical research.