GENterprise GmbH,
Gesellschaft für Genanalyse,
und Biotechnologie mbH,
Johann-Joachim-Becher-Weg 30a,
D-55099 Mainz,

GenterpriseGenomics is an SME private company (GmbH) with significant activity in research and development. GenterpriseGenomics is equipped with all laboratory instruments for doing all kind of molecular genetics work. Two major activities of GENterprise are DNA-sequencing and DNA-microarrays. The company has several on line sequencers including ABI 3730 capillary on line sequencers. The company has full access to all necessary machines to produce, to hybridize and to read out customized DNA microarrays. Genterprise has more than five years experience in the design and production of cDNA microarrays and is currently working on a project to develop a DNA-microarray for the monitoring the effects of chemical contaminants in waters. GENterprise has been a member of the consortium to identify bone and cartilage specifically expressed genes in humans and thus has extended experience in the analysis of the expression of these genes. GENterprise has several ongoing research projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research with a budget of appr.  500.000 €.  As a spin off company of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz GENterprise is closely cooperating with the University, in particular with the Institute of Molecular Genetics. The annual R&D budget will be in the order of 300.000 €. The staff of GenterpriseGenomics consists of three senior scientists, one postdoc, three postgraduates (Diplombiologen), one biotechnology engineer and a secretary.